Reading Programme :

The Primary Literacy Programme- Reading (PLP-R (KS1) is a pilot project of the PNET Scheme, which aims to enhance the English reading proficiency of students through a sustained literacy programme with a focus on reading. The main characteristics of the PLPR include catering for learner diversity, providing children with extensive support through small-group teaching and profiling children’s abilities through the school years. This innovative approach to learning reading helps children develop positive learning habits at an early stage so as to establish good literacy skills for future learning. We aim to help develop a positive attitude to early literacy, when motivation and enthusiasm is high.

All students from P.1 to P.3 will have two regular weekly PLPR lessons with the Native English Speaking teacher and Local English teacher. English lessons are a combination of regular general English classes and interactive reading sessions in the English room. Students are engaged in a range of reading experiences, including shared reading, guided reading, story telling and home reading activities. The programme caters for learner diversity by providing students with multi-sensory activities, small group reading experiences, intense formative assessment of every child, and parent and library involvement. Children are taught the same language structures as recommended in the curriculum, but they will have access to a wider range of support, resources and creative tasks to develop and build on existing literacy.